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Virginia House Living Room With View


“My husband and I moved into Virginia House 32 years ago. We loved it because when we traveled, the staff looked after the premises and kept our home safe. No worries for us. When we came home, we enjoyed the quiet, the order, and the friendliness which the Manager and staff maintained right here in the middle of Virginia Beach. I love being in "The World's Largest Resort City" and exercising on the world-class, award-winning, landscaped Boardwalk. My husband is now deceased, but I feel very comfortable and SAFE in Virginia House."


“We have the largest rooms in the area and large windows that provide lots of sunlight. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the sunsets are magnificent."


“I’m a Virginia Beach native, and through the years I’ve known many people who have lived and been happy at Virginia House…and now I’m one of them! I chose Virginia House because of its reputation, security, and full time maintenance man, but the residents are the best part. Everyone is friendly and we look out for each other."


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