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With its thirteen floors and seventy-two units, Virginia House has been an iconic landmark on the Virginia  Beach oceanfront since its construction in 1965. 


First occupied as luxury apartments, Virginia House converted in 1970 to a cooperative. As such, the corporate entity, Virginia House Beach Corporation (VHBC), owns the real property and operates the cooperative. 


Unlike condominium ownership, cooperative members do not own the individual units which they occupy. Instead they have contractual rights as set forth in each member's Cooperative Contract with VHBC. They must be approved by the Board before taking occupancy and are governed through elected directors. Each owner contributes a monthly fee toward maintenance, and structural engineers are enlisted to ensure the safety and integrity of the high rise. The experience of Virginia House members and residents, after passage of more than a half century, has proven that cooperative ownership affords an enjoyable and satisfactory lifestyle.

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